Contact made today with alien life forms!

Around 10 a.m. this morning contact was made with an alien life form previously unobserved on earth. The contact was made in Madison Wisconsin. Two life forms of the medium and small varieties were beamed into the living room of a semi-urban mom. Curiously her two children, also medium and small in variety, went missing around the same time. She has not yet filed missing persons reports as she is kind of enjoying the silence and ability to pee in peace.

The purpose of the aliens’ visit is unclear at this time. Experts have come up with several possibilities:

  • alien life forms from this particular planet are not privy to the deliciousness of microwaved chicken nuggets.
  • they have an unyielding interest in Batman and came in search of him and his mysterious bat cave (not so much Robin).
  • their inter-alien warfare has come to a standstill with neither side admitting defeat in the battle for the packing tape and they have come in search of a intra-galactic peace negotiator.
  • they got off at the wrong planet.

We will continue to update you on the situation. We are asking that donations of chicken nuggets be sent post haste.


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