a mom among nuts

mouth like a sailor

my middle one (4.5) has a serious obsession with nuts. Not the healthy fat kind of tree type, but the male member family jewels type. Today he seemed to be working towards a Guiness Book of World Records Record for most uses of the word “nuts” in a conversation. His conversation with (mostly) himself went something like this:

“Nuts! When I get home I’m going to kick you in the nuts!”

“Nuts! Mom sometimes zippers up my nuts!” I don’t think that has actually ever happened, but it apparently makes for good storytelling.

“Nuts, nuts, nuts! I have nuts. Mom doesn’t have nuts. Right mom?” Right.

“Nuts, nuts, nuts! I have nuts. Daddy has nuts. Does daddy have nuts, mom?” Yes. I think this conversation is living proof.

“Nutsnutsnutsnutsnutsnuts!” Really? Is this necessary?

“I’m gonna hit myself in the nuts. Oooooww. I hit myself in the nuts.” Big one  (8) laughs.

[See above.]

And so are the days of my life.


1 Response to “a mom among nuts”

  1. July 22, 2010 at 2:50 pm

    Ironic, since you’re allergic to nuts!

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