appletree farm

land full of possibility and Wellies!

I’ve decided I’m moving out. Out of the city; away from the cars and sirens and busyness. We’re moving to Appletree Farm. If you haven’t had the privilege, Appletree Farm is located in some delightful hamlet somewhere in rural England. More precisely, somewhere in imaginary rural England. This is the place that helped convince my husband that farm life would be idyllic.

Let me explain. Appletree Farm is a setting of many, many stories illustrated by the late Stephen Cartwright. In short, Appletree Farm is Eden. The farmer is a kick ass feminist named Mrs. Boots. Her two children Poppy (a possible name for little if he had been a girl) and Sam engage in lighthearted hijinks and educational explorations. Not to mention Rusty the dog, or Woolly the naughty sheep or Curly the littlest pig. don’t even get me started on those crazy kids!

Appletree Farm is a place where a draft horse name Dolly can fix just about any problem, including pulling a train car full of children back to the station when the engine breaks down. It’s also a place where Rusty the dog tracks down missing pigs and rescues errant puppies who have accidently climbed aboard the steam train. Oops! No matter how much trouble anyone (either human or animal) gets in, it’s always settled neatly with a chuckle after about eight pages. Everyone wears bulky wool sweaters and big rubber boots. The scarecrow’s full of kittens and those crazy campers roasting wieners made everyone think the barn was on fire. But, no worries, just a chuckle.

Little and I were driving the babysitter home, later than expected and I asked him if he wanted to listen to the Farmyard Stories. Some British man with a lovely voice reads them aloud to you complete with animal noises and musical interludes (dulcimer maybe? recorder?) These stories are so relaxing they could put the driver to sleep. Driving towards the setting sun, Little asking adorable questions about those kooky barnyard creatures and asking if there’s another after each one finishes. Maybe I don’t have to give up my reality, but I could just immerse myself in the culture of Appletree Farm. Maybe I’ll start calling myself Mrs. Boots. I don’t think Little will like being called Poppy though…

Maybe Curly?


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  1. August 9, 2010 at 6:15 pm

    I am reading Lit right now. Fantastic.

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