soooo sleepy

Take a nap, so Mommy can!

Sooooo sleepy I am. Having trouble staying awake for the everyday tasks that face me… just about every day. Brushing my teeth with my eyes closed, very possible. Cooking, not so much.

I am trying to master reading to Little with my eyes closed. If I choose the right book (i.e. just a little text per page, repetitive, read a million times) I can do it.

I look at the page and see “This is Apple Tree Farm. This is the farmer, Mrs. Boots. She has two children called Poppy and Sam and a dog called Rusty.”

I can commit that to memory and then say it out loud with my eyes closed. Then I open my eyes and do the same thing with the next page. It must give me 1-2 seconds of eyes closedness. Genius, I know.


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