the third one never stands a chance

at any level of purity. I’m convinced. The last straw:

In the car a couple of weeks ago, Middle (5) is teasing Little (2.5) AGAIN. LIttle turns to him as best as his riding in the car restraints allow him and says:

“When we get home, I’m gonna punch you in the nuts!”

First of all, great two-part sentence, huh? Huh?

Second, he’s going to wait until he gets home, not at Target, that’s something, right? Right?

Oh, I see you’re pretty much focused on the fact that he’s TWO FREAKING YEARS OLD and just told someone he’s going to punch them in the nuts. Yeah, I was kind of focused on that too. With two older brothers, he’s already seen it all: Star Wars battles, Haunted House episodes of various cartoon shows. When he asks sweetly if you want to play lion with him, know going in that he will seriously claw you to death. I guess that’s how it is for number three: Claw or be Clawed.

The difference between Big (8) at 2.5 and Little at 2.5 was further clarified to me today when we took the annual trip to Target for the Halloween Candy trade in. Two out of the three of my children are so obsessed with candy that I would rather buy them a small toy and have daddy make all the candy disappear than deal with it for the next week to 12 months, depending on which child it is. So, Little is trying to make up his mind between a DESTROYER DROID or MEDIEVAL BATMAN. When Big was 2.5 he was so giddy over Brio trains I thought I’d lose my mind. I should have just nodded and smiled. I got so tired of playing Bob the Builder, but now what I wouldn’t pay to not be at the wrong end of my 2-year old holding a blaster gun.

The good news is though, he can already take his coat off.

Yea, I'm cute and you better admit it or I'll punch YOU in the nuts too.


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