wonder woman’s other job

just another day of battling evil and cleaning up after these ingrates

Yesterday as I’m frantically trying to clean up to make all floor space safe and somewhat sanitary for my mobile 11-month old niece, middle and little are frantically begging me to play Superfriends with them. But I have to vacuum I say, sure that this is a fool-proof argument.

But, they say, Wonder Woman has to vacuum the Hall of Justice.

Oh. I see how this works. When Wonder woman and her lasso of truth aren’t busy saving the world, they’re lassoeing up the messes made by the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight? Apparently so, because this morning Wonder Woman made breakfast for not only the Man of Steel, but his dog too.

So, how is this fair? It’s not like Wonder Woman is from another planet or something, or is a genetic mutation, she doesn’t have giant elastic arms (yes, I’m talking to you Plastic Man). She can’t morph into strange animals or water features and her legs aren’t thunderbolts. She came across her super powers honestly, through good old fashioned hard assed Amazon Princess Warrior training. Now on that island, where women rule and learn how to kick ass, I bet those warriors aren’t learning how to flip pancakes or properly set a table for dinner. They probably have man servants for stuff like that. But, she comes to Earth and BAM, POW, she’s vacuuming.

Daddy’s response to my query was, “Yeah, couldn’t ‘Hawkgirl’ do it, she’s like not as important as Wonder Woman.” Okay Daddy, missing the point. There’s still that word GIRL. If the Justice League can’t hire out for housekeeping service then there should be like some sort of apprenticeship program where the newer superheros start out with coffee runs and vacuuming. I’d love to see Atom struggling with giant Starbucks cups or El Dorado pushing around a Hoover. Anyone but Wonder Woman please. Wonder Woman does enough around here what with all the saving of the world and all that jazz. She deserves a nap.

On a side note: middle and little want superhero costumes for Christmas and they’ve decided I should get a Wonder Woman costume too. Daddy is all in favor. Me? Only if it comes with the lasso of truth and an exemption from all non-ass-kicking activities. That means you laundry.


1 Response to “wonder woman’s other job”

  1. November 19, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    I think you should get a Lady Godiva costume instead.


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