a mom among men relaunch

It’s time for something different. After a hiatus filled with self-doubt, depression and countless bowls of ice cream, I’m back. It’s a new day for a mom among men. I decided I need a focus, a point. So, I thought… and thought… and a little more (and more ice cream).

This is what I’ve come to. I love my men. I do, but that doesn’t mean I understand them. They continue to be a daily mystery to me. All four of them. Maybe the dog is confused by them too, she hasn’t said. It’s very strange being the one who’s different. The one who thinks differently, acts differently, doesn’t like to wrestle and doesn’t think the word “poop” is all that funny. I’m a stranger in my own home!

I’ve spent a great deal of my free reading time this past year reading about boys and men. In hopes that the mystery would be solved. I have come closer to seeing how they work, but like the pot of chocolate peanut butter ice cream at the end of the rainbow, it’s always just out of my reach. So, that’s it. This year I set out to answer the questions I have about men and boys (who are we kidding, they’re all boys sometimes). I know, it’s March. I’m a late bloomer.

I’ve decided to use science, psychology, and humor to try to figure out my boys. Along the way maybe I’ll help you figure out yours too. I’ll be using books, the interwebs and my own experience (that’s the humor part). This isn’t exactly a dissertation on the Biological and Social Aspects of the Male Human, so cut me some slack. I’m trying to have fun, not win a nobel prize. Please ask questions, leave comments, tell me I’m dead wrong or (hopefully) so, so right.

So time to meet the family.

So this is me. A mother of 3 boys aged 8, 5, and 3 and one husband, age 34. I used to be a kindergarten teacher and then a freelance educational consultant. I wrote a book.

The mister. Loving husband and doting daddy. Willing to participate in nightly Wrestle-manias. Currently obsessed with trout. Every Saturday morning he walks to the coffee shop down the street and brings home donuts.

big. 8.5 years old. Reluctant 3rd grader. Lover of all things Garfield and Star Wars. Master of creating paper weapons.

middle. 5.5 years old. mr. perfect at school. mr. potty talk at home. Devotee of the Sith, jibberish and junk food.

little. newly 3. lover of preschool. Passionate about light saber duels, CandyLand, and kisses

the dog. 11 years young. Indeterminate heritage. Enjoys long walks, napping on my pillow and flirting with humans. When I'm not trying to figure out the boys, I'm trying to figure her out.

So that’s us in a very large nut shell. Although I’m allergic to nuts, so I’d prefer like a really big, hollow chocolate rabbit.


3 Responses to “a mom among men relaunch”

  1. March 6, 2011 at 3:18 pm

    Yay! I need all the insight I can get, since I’m about to be a mom among men, too, with a little baby boy on the way. Looking forward to what you’ve discovered in your books and the interwebs.


  2. 2 Stephen
    March 9, 2011 at 5:31 pm

    Tom suggested I take a peek. This looks like a great idea for a long and extensive conversation. I’m reading The Optimistic Child by Martin Seligman right now.(a revolutionary program that safeguards children against depression & builds lifelong resilience)

    I think my oldest is prone to having a few fixed ideas about the world that I’d like for him to see are actually far more malleable than he’s willing to entertain. The book is kind of cool as it allows you to very easily collect data to help evaluate the status of a child’s attributional style. It’s so nice to have data. It gives me a jumping off point.

    I am equally struck by the number of hours dedicated to the Clone Wars. I can’t say I was ever as deeply invested as our boys appear to be. But I was all about cowboys and indians. (I always wanted to be the wise little brave who won battles by stealth and knowledge of the land.)

    I do think that this is a very natural part of male childhood. What that says about how to manage it as a parent, mother, or educator is a real question.

    Really neat stuff. Love the pics. I want a dog.

  3. March 15, 2011 at 1:36 am

    Welcome back. This is terrific.

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