what does the mother of three ninjas do when she’s not blogging?

So, yes I missed a post last week. I have very good reasons that surprisingly don’t involve laziness.

1. Great Grandma Lolo had to go into the hospital after she fell in the bathroom. Turned out that was good thing, she didn’t break anything and they found out she had pneumonia. She spent some time in the hospital and is recently back to her assisted living. I was visiting her daily and just took the boys to see her on Saturday. We had so much sickness in our house, they didn’t want the germ carriers around her. The boys did an AMAZING job visiting with her. She can’t hear very well or see very well either, but they were kind and polite and spent great amounts of time describing all the attributes of their tiny little lego star wars guys they brought to play with. She couldn’t see them or really make out what the boys were saying, but she was so happy just to hear their voices. Shockingly she couldn’t believe that each little lego guy had a name. Big proceeded to rattle off all the names of every star wars lego guy he owns while she nodded and smiled.

happiness: appropriate for ages 3-92!

2. Speaking of sickness. Mommy finally caught what the boys were giving away and ended up with a sinus infection and a super sore throat. Actual blood blister on back of throat. Ewwwww.

3. Putting all my creative juices into preparing for preschool silent auction. I am happily in charge of signage and my artistic desires have been put to work in overdrive.

come if you want, but it'll cost you $20.00

4. Most importantly of all, I have been supervising an intensive Ninja training program developed by Big. After watching the horrendously awful movie “Three Ninjas: Knuckle up!” (rated PG for “non-stop ninja action”) Big has decided that he and his brothers would make a terrifying group of ninjas. This early 2000’s movie features a group of three blond, blue-eyed brothers and their Asian grandpa (a guy who’s kind of like the B movie Pat Morita), an Indian reservation threatened by a mining corporation and classic lines like Little’s favorite, “Hey, you buttheads! Leave her alone!” Can’t wait until he pulls that one out at preschool. After being inspired by the ninja prowess of the boys in the movie, Big created his own ninja training program which he told me he had several friends COMMITTED to completing. ¬†Feathers are added to headbands as you pass a “ninja skill” and face paint is required; or in our case washable marker.

[side note: the longer washable marker stays on the skin, the less washable it becomes.]

This is a basic ninja stance.


This is a basic ninja face.

This is basic ninja cuteness.

ninja dress rehearsal

Although ninjas must be fearless in ninja battle, they must also have an inner calm and a peaceful mind.


Even ninjas need to kick back and hit the playground.


2 Responses to “what does the mother of three ninjas do when she’s not blogging?”

  1. April 4, 2011 at 5:54 pm

    Can I get some of that inner calm and peaceful mind, please?

  2. April 5, 2011 at 1:13 am

    I love those boys! It was a fun day Saturday, wasn’t it?

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