why daddy field trips just might be more fun than mommy field trips (a photo essay)

maybe you’re a super fun mommy, maybe you go further than the Children’s Museum and the Zoo. Maybe you don’t consider Target a field trip at all. I used to be like that too. Before I had three small children to keep track of. It gets a lot harder when one will die if he doesn’t spend at least 30 minutes looking at the fish, one could give a rat’s ass about fish and one just pooped in his pants. So I bring you…

the top ten reasons that Daddy field trips just might be more fun than mommy field trips

10. there are bugs and sometimes you bring them home. There are also partially decomposing skunk skulls and sometimes you bring those home too.

9. you can stomp around in the water or mud or whatever, no matter how appropriately you may be dressed.

8. rushing water, slippery rocks, no adult close enough to help a boy who might go under. In other words, complete independence and thrills galore!

7. many opportunities for role play!

6. Dress code requirements are extremely lax. Wear your pajamas all day? Sure! No shoes in a parking lot area where there are HUGE VEHICLES? No problem; just don't step on anything.

5. safe things to climb on!

4. lots of opportunities for kill based play! parents at the children's museum not so hip to that.

3. See that little sign in the background? Bet you can guess what it says. Doesn't apply to them because the daddies didn't see it until they were ON TOP of the tank.

2. The daddies are having just as much fun as the boys.

and the number one reason that daddy field trips are more fun than mommy field trips…


and this...


4 Responses to “why daddy field trips just might be more fun than mommy field trips (a photo essay)”

  1. April 26, 2011 at 2:49 pm

    I absolutely love those pictures of the boys in their waders. Like A River Runs Through It, but not sad.

  2. April 26, 2011 at 3:17 pm

    The warning sign was given only a cursory glance. We knew the risks we were taking prior to our deployment on this mission, and the sign only reinforced the gravity of our objective.

    Seriously, once you’ve all survived a super-heroic stream recon mission in rubber pants, a victory party on top of a tank seems like child’s play.

    Great post Rebecca!

  3. 3 Linda Brown
    April 26, 2011 at 3:37 pm

    It does seem that they enjoy this stuff. Let’s do a girly one now. Where should we go? Another trip to Chicago this summer? Let’s plan something. Mom

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