what’s so great about peace, love and poop?

First I disarm you with my stunning grasp of the many lingual usages for poop...

Yesterday Daddy had a ladder out in the yard. After he was done with his ladder work, Middle wanted to climb up the ladder to see what it was like. So, under Daddy’s supervision he climbed to the top and was automatically on top of the world (at least for a five-year old). Taller than Mommy or Daddy, or anyone, almost as tall as the top of the swing set. So, to honor this momentous occasion he needed to shout a proclamation to the world, or at least the neighborhood. When given the opportunity to make your first official neighborhood wide proclamation of superiority there’s really only one thing to say…

Poopity, poop, poop and poopy!

Shout it from the rooftops! This is the story of my life.

Middle has a new hobby. He’s a linguist of sorts I guess. He masterfully crafts all language it involve the use of at least one potty talk word and one jibberish potty talk word created to rhyme with the former. If I wasn’t so disgusted and annoyed by it, I might be impressed. All day long, at least 50% of the dialogue he tries to engage in with me or his brothers involves poop. He’s strong into the butt and poop humor. Occasionally he’ll dabble in the penis and farts, but rarely. I might actually appreciate mixing it up a little at this point. Big is way over the potty talk and howls with annoyance every time Middle breaks it out. Little finds it hilarious, but it doesn’t flow as freely from his lips. Daddy seems fairly unperturbed by it. So, it’s me, I’m the one who really really wishes it would stop. I don’t remember doing this when I was a girl. Maybe there was some of it when I was young, but never to this degree. It was more like a taboo thing; you know, “poop” under the breath and hysterical giggling with friends. So this is my question:

are boys grosser than girls?

I found some useful insights into the male potty talk brain from Louann Brizendine and her book The Male Brain and also from an online interview with Betsy Brown Braun, author of several parenting books, including You’re Not the Boss of Me.

Here’s what Louann had to say; Basically boys discover their place in the world by testing their physical limits, which includes all of their body’s physical abilities; including burping, farting, etc. Boys are driven to prove themselves physically in every way possible. (p. 21) So, interesting, but not all that helpful. Further on in the book she discusses the teen boy brain and the fact that the reward center in their brains is actually less easily activated and less able to feel normal levels of stimulation. She described a particular study where teenagers’ brains were scanned while they looked at disgusting pictures of mutilated bodies (fun!). They found that the teen boys’ brains didn’t activate as much as a child or adult. (p. 37)

(okay, aside, who volunteered their CHILD to be in this study and are they traumatized for life? What was their little study gift, a gift card for therapy?)

So I wondered if all this potty talk that is so disgusting to most everyone else just really isn’t that gross to him, is this his pre-teen way to practice not reacting to mutilated bodies? Super.

Braun had some more very specific things to say about potty talk in her interview on The Mother Company in June of 2010. http://www.themotherco.com/2010/06/potty-talk-911/

She does say that boys are more apt to potty talk than girls but doesn’t say why and this is the perfect age (4-5). She said that some scientists (who studies potty talk and can they get Middle a job?) believe that the onslaught of this verbal diarrhea is connected to a feeling of power over mastering potty training. Now that it’s no big deal they can joke around about it.

I also read a quote from someone, but I can’t remember for the life of me who it was (if it was you, you totally nailed it on the head, way to go!) This wise person said: for the first three years of their life all WE talk about is peeing and pooping and diapers and then we expect them not to do the same. Very true.

So I’m going to go out on a limb and say that yes, boys are grosser than girls. If you need further proof you’ve got Wedding Crashers, American Pie, Porky’s, There’s Something About Mary, Southpark, Jackass, the musical Urinetown

and then you’ve got this guy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piero_Manzoni. (who buys this shit? Ha!)

So, maybe Middle has a bright future ahead of him in the potty talk field. I ‘m going to have to start preparing myself now to go to his gross out movies and laugh. As long as he isn’t packaging his feces in foil and selling it like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piero_Manzoni I think I can muster up some level of support.


3 Responses to “what’s so great about peace, love and poop?”

  1. 1 Linda Brown
    May 22, 2011 at 6:33 pm

    Very interesting blog. I hadn’t noticed all the potty talk but then I am not with Middle all day long. Did you notice any potty talk when you taught kindergarten? Love, Mom

  2. May 23, 2011 at 2:27 pm

    Piero Manzoni, the poopy artist, was really on to something. The cans of Merda d’artista (Artist’s Shit) sold for their weight in gold in 1961 and one of them recently sold at auction for 80,000 GBP!

    How can we turn our son’s poopy words into gold? We’d be filthy stinking rich!

    In my past life as an adolescent boy, I can remember being fascinated with poop, farts, burps, and lots of other bodily functions. My friend Justin used to store farts in a canning jar so he could share them with visitors at a later time. They were always very impressive. So, we may not be out of the woods just yet. The adventures to come may far surpass what has been uttered from his mouth.

    Finally, the notion below, that you mentioned in your post, came from the “Captain Underpants” books.

    “For the first three years of their life all WE talk about is peeing and pooping and diapers and then we expect them not to do the same.”

    Great stuff!

  3. 3 Mihai
    August 15, 2013 at 4:06 pm

    Great article, I like the photo and his face!

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